Our pasta is made from high quality durum wheat semolina

Al badr is a large scale company based in Tunisia and a subsidiary of socodal company which is specialised in the production of canned food, including double concentrated tomato and sardines.

Since its creation, Al Badr company has not stopped to emerge and has become one of the biggest exporter of double concentrated tomato in the word.
Its network of distribution has expanded face to the blazing ascent of the demand as well as the diversity of the product ranges.
its requirement to offer the best quality eamed the company its honnorable place among the largest renowned companies.

Al Badr company diversifies its products that can be allocated as il follows:
* Canned tomatoes, harissa, sardine, tuna and jams.
* Creals and its by product : soft wheat, durum wheat, wheate flour, barley, alimentary pasta and couscous.
* Dairy milk : powder and concentrated milk.

Other varied food products like green peas, biscuits, mayonnaise and in general all types of products upon the request of our clients.

The guarantee of hight quatlity is our motto and this is to align to the smallest requirements of our consumers in Tunisia and worldwide.
We would be pleased to introduce you name on the list of our international clients.
Our major concern is your satisfaction.